• Available in the App Store
  • iOS 4 Ready
  • Retina Display Ready
  • Universal Application
  • Requirements
    • Corona® Remote works on any iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS version 3.1 or later.
    • Local WiFi network connection required.
    • Corona® version 2011.268 or later on OSX.
    • Corona® version 2011.268 or later on Windows.
  • Version
    • Name: Corona® Remote v1.3
    • File Name: remote.lua
    • Released: 27th July 2011
    • Known Issues: No known issues

Corona® Remote

Corona® Remote is an application & lua library designed to send remote accelerometer data to the Corona Labs iPhone development platform Corona® SDK.


Using your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch or iPad you can now send real-time accelerometer data to the Corona® Simulator for use when developing accelerometer powered applications and games.

Before purchasing Corona® Remote please read the instructions and requirements below.

Accelerometer Data Collected

Compass Data Collected

Corona® Remote works on both OSX and Windows.

Please see Support for more information.

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Update - Corona® Remote v1.3 Released!
Added OSX Lion and Windows support.
Corona® Remote v1.3 requires Corona® version 2011.268 or later.

Update - Corona® Remote v1.2 Released!
Upgraded to an asynchronous connection to enhance speed and reliability of the connection between the remote and the simulator.
Corona® Remote v1.2 requires Corona® version 2011.268 or later.

Update - Corona® Remote v1.1 Released!
Compass added ( tap graph to until you see compass )
Ability to change graph / display ( tap the graph )
Fake compass mode for older devices without compass
Fonts should work on iOS 3.1 devices

Corona® Remote is a great application for our developers. Easy to setup, easy to use and will help reduce overall development time.
Carlos M. Icaza
Co-founder of Corona Labs

Corona® Remote Integration

Integrating Corona® Remote into your application is as easy as adding a few lines of code.

Step 1
Download remote.lua and place in your application folder alongside main.lua.

Step 2
Open main.lua and add the following lines of code and extend as necessary.

-- Load The Remote
local remote = require("remote")

-- Start The Remote On Port 8080
remote.startServer( "8080" )

-- Start The Compass ( if you want to use it )

-- Get The Latest Accelerometer Values
local function updateAccelerometer()

    -- This Runtime Listener Is An Example Of How To
    -- Access The Remote You Can Query remote.xGravity
    -- Or Any Other Value From Anywhere In Your Application

    local xGravity = remote.xGravity
    local yGravity = remote.yGravity
    local zGravity = remote.zGravity
    local xInstant = remote.xInstant
    local yInstant = remote.yInstant
    local zInstant = remote.zInstant
    local isShake = remote.isShake
    -- Only Use If Compass Activated And Running v1.1 Or Later
    local magnetic = remote.magnetic

    -- Print xGravity To Terminal
    print( remote.xGravity )


-- Add Enter Frame Listener
Runtime:addEventListener( "enterFrame" , updateAccelerometer )

Step 3
Save the code and open your app in Corona® Simulator.

Step 4
Open Corona® Remote on your iPhone, enter the ip address of the computer running Corona® Simulator and press Connect.

To find the ip address of your computer you need to open your System Preferences and select Network and click the adapter you are using. This is usually highlighted with a green dot.

Download remote.lua
  • Corona® Remote Grapher

  • Remote Grapher shows you in real-time the information sent from Corona® Remote to Corona® Simulator when the remote is connected. This feedback can be invaluable when planning and creating accelerometer aware applications. Saving you both time and money by providing one integrated solution.

    This app will also run on the iPhone for comparison.

  • Corona® Remote Demo

  • The demo has been designed to show you how you can integrate the accelerometer into a game like environment. Here the accelerometer applies a force to the ball in the xGravity and yGravity axis whilst the physics engine takes care of everything else, from acceleration to collisions.

    This app will also run on the iPhone for comparison.

  • Corona® Remote Compass

  • New to version 1.1 Corona® Remote Compass allows you to optionally send the compass heading to the simulator. Tap the graph on your iPhone to switch the remote into compass mode.

    This app will also run on the iPhone for comparison.

  • Corona Labs Sample Code Accelerometer1

  • This is an updated version of the sample code provided with Corona®. The code has been updated to use the remote when running in the simulator. Search the code for -- **CORONA REMOTE** to see where the changes have been made.

    This app will also run on the iPhone for comparison.

Corona® Remote Support

Corona® Remote is designed to be used on a local WiFi network and both Corona® Remote and Corona® Simulator must be connected to that same network.

If you are having trouble connecting Corona® Remote to Corona® Simulator please ensure that you are using the same port, that the port is open in any firewall you are using and that you are connecting to the correct ip address.

For optimum performance it is best for the host computer to be connected to the network over ethernet and for the iPhone to have a strong WiFi connection.

In the event of a poor network connection your application can experience a loss of connection whilst using Corona® Remote. The remote will signal "Error" a number of times.

Corona® Remote should only be used in a development environment.

When running on an actual device Corona® Remote will pass control to the accelerometer so your application will function normally. There is no actual reason to remove remote.lua from the final build of your application.

Please email any support requests to support@coronaremote.com. If you have experienced a crash related to the use of Corona® Remote please ensure you include the Terminal crash messages in your email.